Our ketchups are tasty and healthy, with an added boost of plant-based protein to help refresh your food and recharge your body.

Try them on your favourite meals and snacks for a protein hit that gets you looking and feeling your best (especially in the buff).

Each of our healthy ketchups have been lovingly crafted to be so versatile that they really are much more than the usual ketchups that we all know and love.

Whether you want to add some sweetness or spice to a burger, chicken, fish or steak, or as a marinade or stir-in sauce, our sauces really deliver!

If meat is not your thing, then as a delicious salad dressing, a side dip or just as a snack, our unique yummy flavours really compliment so many dishes. It’s time for you to play chef and stir up your meal experience with something saucy.

Go on, you know you want to…


introducing the latest sauce

tomato twist

Low in Sugar

Less sugar, more taste. Keeping taste buds healthy means you can enjoy every bite.

Gluten Free

Gluten sensitivity is a bore, but our sauces can help you kick it.

Vegan Friendly

None of our products contain ingredients derived from animals.

Less Salt

Less salt keeps that healthy heart pumping and your blood pressure low.

High Protein

Up to 10x more protein than your average ketchup. We know, we've checked.

au naturel

Made with plant-based ingredients, every sauce is as nature intended.

per 100g
great flavours
100 g
Low salt
in the buff

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If you’re looking to boost your protein the way nature intended, we’ve got saucy solutions for your needs.

We’re IN THE BUFF – cheeky by name, cheeky by nature. Drop us a line to get started.


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